We have provided the best designs for entire casinos and for the most impressive executive homes. We have contracted with and loyally serve:

The largest hotels & casinos in Nevada

The most famous resorts

The best shopping malls

The largest government buildings

The major hospitals of Las Vegas

Private care facilities & medical providers

Medical office buildings

Business office buildings

Private offices of law firms & medical groups

Retail facilities & shops

Private businesses

The homes of famous athletes & many celebrities

Executive homes

Whether you want to create a bold statement, or make a subtle enhancement, let us assist you in creating the perfect blend of balance and harmony at an affordable rate.

Whatever the job ......... We have the experience

AND whatever the bid, it will be fair and competitive!

While we are with your plants, here are some of the things that the plants may need:

  1. Watering (not too much, not too little, just sixteen years' experience worth)
  2. Fluffing up and freshening the plant presentation
  3. Trimming and thinning as needed
  4. Removal of fading leaves that have served their time
  1. Check for bugs and disease (Could happen to anyone)
  2. Measuring soil aptitudes for acidity, nutrients etc.
  3. Check the pot or vessel for damage and integrity